Goodbye Traditional Flower Vases...Hello Boxes

Hey guys! Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day. I wanted to share this beautiful flower arrangement I was surprised with by my bf. First of all, it smells amaazinngg. Secondly, I love the Parisian-inspired box. After the flowers are long gone, I can still use it as a keepsake box. But apparently, that will be some time from now because these roses last up to a year! I don't need to water them or anything, so I'll keep you updated on how that works out.  Thirdly, even though it doesn't have to be a special holiday for your significant other to show you love and appreciation and vice versa, it's still nice to play along with Valentine's Day and go the extra mile for that special someone. So run with it and enjoy it!

P.S I've seen nice DIY versions of this arrangement on Pinterest :)

Hola chicas! Espero que hagan tenido un día hermoso de San Valentin. Quería compartir este hermoso arreglo con el que me sorprendió mi novio. Para empezar huele riquísimo. Y en segundas, me encanta este estilo de caja parisiense. Después de que no estén las flores la puedo usar para guardar x cosa. Pero al parecer falta mucho para eso porque estas rosas duran hasta un año, vamos a ver eso! En tercer lugar, no tiene que ser un día festivo para este tipo de detalle. Pero igual es divertido seguir con la tradición. Así que háganlo al máximo y diviértanse.